Executive Team


Cameron Miranda-Radbord


Cameron Miranda-Radbord has been the Chair of the City Youth Council of Toronto since 2018. A passionate advocate for youth in politics, Cameron has managed several campaigns and been a part of over 20 in the past four years, including as a candidate for President of the Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario). They are also a national championship-winning public speaker, a debater, and an International History Olympiad gold medallist.

Emma Zhou

- 1st Deputy Chair -

Hi everyone! My name is Emma Zhou and I am a grade 12 student at Branksome Hall. Having lived in Toronto for most of my life, I have seen it grow and change, and I truly believe that its youth should always have an active role in shaping the city to make it a better place. I am beyond excited to work with everyone on the City Youth Council this year to implement tangible change pushed forward by the next generation because when given the privilege to make change in our city, we need to embrace that opportunity to make the most impact possible. I am most passionate about transit in a post-COVID world, police reform, and community cultural heritage events.

Catherine Lai

- 2nd Deputy Chair -

Hey there, I'm Catherine—Second Deputy Chair at the CYCTO! I am currently in my first year of study at the University of Toronto, majoring in Peace, Conflict, & Justice studies and economics with a minor in French. My first dive into the world of advocacy started in my junior year of high school when I established my school's first mental health awareness council. Since then, I have worked on youth-focused initiatives with the Toronto Youth Cabinet and the YMCA of Greater Toronto. I look forward to amplifying the voices of young people and contributing to a more accessible Toronto.


Kyra Menezes

- Chief of Staff -

Hi everyone! My name is Kyra and I have been a part of the CYC for two years, serving as the Director of Communications last year and currently as the chief of staff. I am a grade 12 student at the University of Toronto Schools, involved in the Student Council, Wellness Committee, and Southern Ontario Model Assembly (SOMA). Outside of school, I am a part of the University–Rosedale Youth Council and volunteer for Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland. I am intrigued by the idea of bringing together youth from different backgrounds to find tangible ways to improve their communities, country, and the world at large. Despite being in new circumstances, I am excited about the team we have in place to make a positive impact this year.

Serena Suleman

- Chief of Staff -

Hey everyone! My name is Serena Suleman and I am very excited to serve as one of the CYC Chiefs of Staff! I am a Grade 10 student at the University of Toronto Schools (UTS) and this is my first year on the council. I’ve lived in Toronto and the GTA pretty much my whole life and I’m passionate about municipal issues like transit and public libraries. Some of my other interests include reading science fiction, writing short stories, and playing tennis. I look forward to being part of the team in the coming term.

Emelia Patterson

- Communications Coordinator -

As a grade 12 student looking to study Political Science, I am extremely passionate about politics. I have always wanted to find a way to make meaningful change in our community through politics, and the CYC is an amazing way to do so while being apart of a great team. As I come from partly native heritage, I am passionate about allocating more resources/funding towards and raising awareness about the struggles Indigenous people continue to face in our community. In my free time I play guitar, skateboard, teach swim lessons, and run my school’s Model UN team. I really look forward to making an impact this year and I’m excited to get started!

Vinson Zhang

- Outreach Coordinator -

Hi everyone! My name is Vinson Zhang and I am honoured to serve as the Outreach Coordinator for the CYC's 2020-21 term. I am currently an eleventh grade student at Marc Garneau C.I. As a life-long resident of Toronto and the GTA, I am passionate about bringing the youth voice to matters a city hall. In particular, I am passionate about transit and ensuring equitable mobility options for all citizens. In the past, I have worked in the Toronto Youth Cabinet and other independent advocacy efforts to help bring positive change to the TTC. I am excited to work with the CYC team and fellow youth councillors to advocate for youth issues in Toronto!

Zaiboon Azhar

- Council Services Coordinator -

Hi! I’m Zaiboon, and I’m excited to be serving as the CYC’s Council Services Coordinator this year! I was born and raised in Toronto, and the city means the absolute world to me. As a result, I’m passionate about recognizing and reforming the systemic inequities that affect Toronto’s youth. As a member of the CYC, I’m looking forward to learning about the intricacies of our municipal government and representing Toronto’s youth in the most effective way possible; I’m always open to comments and concerns, so feel free to contact me at [email protected] with any suggestions you may have!

Keith Baybayon

- City Council Liaison -

My name is Keith Baybayon and I currently hold the position of City Council Liaison for Toronto’s City Youth Council. I am a current Grade 11 student attending Marshall McLuhan Catholic Secondary School. I am a strong advocate for youth representation and ensuring that our voices are heard when it comes to city-wide issues. My role as City Council Liaison entails a bunch of tasks that allows me to advocate for youth at a municipal-level. I organize shadowing days and facilitate meetings between various bodies of the CYC, as well as support the youth councillors with their advocacy work. I can’t wait for my future initiatives and I’m so excited to be working alongside these like-minded and driven individuals.

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