Ren Dauphin

WARD 1 | Etobicoke North

Just a simple girl in Toronto that wants to see a better one.

Marissa Mucollari

WARD 2 | Etobicoke Centre

My name is Marissa Mucollari and I am a grade eleven student.  As youth council representative I will act as a youth liaison between the city of Toronto and young people in my community to build an equitable, and accessible city of Toronto. This means that I will work to bring the youth voice to the City and establish action plans to improve the quality of life for Etobicoke youth. Together as a team, we will make this year one to remember for positive and empowering experiences. Leadership is a skill I have always valued and look forward to developing.Wide involvement in my community such as the Etobicoke Thunder Basketball team,Spirit of Math Schools, and hosting events for the RH Scholarship Organization, gave me opportunities to strengthen my leadership and delegation skills.As your elective council, I will strive to make sure your voice is heard. I am a committed, dedicated and passionate young individual who will work hard to learn from our City Councillors and make a change in our city.

Dani Hidi

WARD 3 | Etobicoke - Lakeshore

I am Dani Hidi, a 17-year-old with a long standing passion for human rights, and a large involvement with climate justice and mental health projects. From being an executive for my school’s Wellness committee to co-founding an environmental and social advocacy group called Fashion for Futures, I am working diligently to bring tangible change to my community. I spend my free time painting, creative writing, and designing my sustainable clothing line. The City Youth Council would be an incredible platform for me to advocate, and address the issues that affect Toronto’s youth. I am especially interested in working on police reform, infrastructure for homeless youth and better resources for youth who struggle with mental health. I am devoted to normalizing the conversation surrounding mental health, and hope to advocate for better care. I am an active volunteer, having work experience in places such as soup kitchens, summer camps, weightlifting competitions and the University-Rosedale Youth Council. I am a skilled public speaker, who is confident in my ability to fight for the action that my generation strives to see.

Hope Arpa Chow

WARD 4 | Parkdale High-Park

Hello! I'm Hope Arpa Chow. I have lived in Toronto for almost my whole life and I'm passionate about helping my community. During the years that I lived in America, I grew even prouder of being a Canadian as it was something I noticed more because of the contrast in nationality in comparison my peers. I have run many local fundraisers and am in progress of founding a local advocacy organization to help mobilize activists in the area. I have a strong background in journalism, public speaking, research, business and politics. One of my largest accomplishments is co-founding the largest youth publishing organization in America and Canada. I hope that I can use my experience, skills and network to assist the council in helping people in Toronto!

Mahzuzah Farbin

WARD 5 | York South-Weston

Through her love and dedication for her community, Mahzuzah Farbin has worked creatively to bring youth in York-South Weston together through unity. Mahzuzah’s passion for giving back was derived from her need to create change within her community. She constantly advocates for political and socioeconomic changes in her community by working alongside MP Chani-Aryeh Bain of Lawrence-West to create youth volunteering programs and is even in the process of organizing a community outreach shelter with MPP Faisal Hasan that gives homeless youth a place to reside. In the past 4 years, Mahzuzah created two internationally recognized non-profit organizations: Bengali Girls Unite, where she has given out over $900 in grants and scholarships to young girls in Bangladesh, and Knit Perfection, an organization that teaches youth to knit items that are later donated to women’s abuse shelters.

Jomia Pangilinan

WARD 6 | York Centre

Jomia Pangilinan is a Computer Science and Cognitive Science undergraduate student at Lassonde School of Engineering, York University. An advocate, writer, researcher, and designer, Jomia is empowered to meet the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals for migration, access to quality education, and revitalized global partnerships.

Upon arrival two years ago, she had served as youth settlement counsellor under The Neighborhood Organization, developing programming for over 100 youth in the community. She has also held leadership/mentorship roles within the migrant and youth community i.e. West Neighborhood House, The Neighborhood Organization, North York Community House, OLA Parish, TCDSB, TDSB, City Youth Council of Toronto, and the World Literacy Foundation. Previously a youth ambassador, she has presented at the World Literacy Summit on the importance of improving functional literacy amongst immigrants in Canada.

Dael Vasquez

WARD 7 | Humber River - Black Creek

A passionate debater and fierce advocate for civil rights, I believe that youth should be empowered to lead joyful and meaningful lives. Overburdened by populists, climate change, and crippling student debt, I maintain that self governance is vital to combating these ills and securing a hopeful and prosperous future. As a leader at York University, I work with motivated students, determined to inspire change in their communities. Leading the fight for empowerment, I train future leaders in the art of debate and diplomacy through model UN. Together, we tackle some of the world’s biggest issues and adopt resolutions to improve the conditions of the less fortunate. In my community, I serve as a senior mentor, offering guidance and connecting youth with leadership opportunities. Currently, I am developing a bilingual leadership summit with my home faculty, designed to engage people from all walks of life and connect them with the resources they need to materialize their creative visions. Lastly, representing the student voice on administrative planning and policy making committees across the York region, I am determined to implement the rigorous research practices and consultative methods of this experience when representing you at City Hall.

Sam Hosseini-Moghaddam

WARD 8 | Eglinton - Lawrence


Edie Huo

WARD 9 | Davenport

Hi! My name is Edie and I am running for the position of youth councillor of ward 9.If chosen as a youth city councillor, I promise to do my best to express your thoughts on the council, and to make a positive difference in my community! I am an active and engaged member in my community. I have participated and spoken as a keynote speaker with the Youth Assisting Youth organization at their annual family picnic, which was an absolutely amazing experience. I am also passionate about palliative care for children, leading me to raise over four hundred dollars in donations for the children’s Wish foundation. Beyond monetary fundraising, I have volunteered with the Toronto intergenerational partnership for over 30 hours, entertaining residents in a long term care facility every first Thursday of the month. I was Miss Teenage Toronto 2019, and a national finalist at Miss Teenage Canada, which led me to develop my stage presence, public speaking skills, a passion for my community, and confidence in myself. I have also recently picked up debating, allowing me to express my ideas and thoughts clearly and persuasively. Thank you for your time!

Javon Samuel

WARD 10 | Spadina Fort-York

Hello my name is Javon Samuel, I am 21 years old, I’m currently doing my bachelors in behavioural science at humber college and am passionate about youth and for youth overall growth and success in all of the broadest forms. I love my community and how vibrant and reflective it is of our youth. Ive been apart of my community since the youngest age possible, and have been heavily involved in things like city fest, the annual terry fox run, etc. I am well known in my entire ward and feel that I have impacted everyone in a good way to the point where they would want to see me performing as the ward 10 city youth councillor. Please vote for me all youth and young people during the upcoming elections in August! Thanks!

Duru Aran

WARD 11&12 | Toronto-St. Paul & University-Rosedale

Hi everyone! I'm Duru and I am running to be one of your youth councillors for 2020. I am 17 years old and I moved to Toronto five years ago. I have many leadership experiences, such as being a mentor at my school for the younger grades, as well as being a peer tutor and running my school’s music council. I am multilingual (English, French, and Turkish) and therefore will be able to communicate with french Canadians in my community and in the city hall. Since the day that I moved here, I have been very fond of my city and my community. Especially during these challenging times, we need to step up and make our voices be heard even more, and I promise to do just that. I will be attentive, communicate with all of you and my community, listen to everyone’s thoughts and concerns, and make changes that we all want, need, and deserve. I strongly believe that we can make our city a better place, and that starts with the youth, that starts with us.

Kismet Reuss

WARD 11&12 | Toronto-St. Paul & University-Rosedale

Hi! My name is Kismet Reuss and I am a grade 11 student at the University of Toronto Schools. For three years, I have been a member of Chrystia Freeland’s youth council, aiming to amplify youth voices in government and organize initiatives that give back to the community. I am also the vice president and co-founder of Our Code Red, a non-profit working with local shelters to provide menstrual products and monetary donations, as period poverty remains a prevalent and taboo issue in Canada.

This past year, I also held a seat in city youth council (CYC). During my term, I developed the skills and knowledge necessary to draft successful memos, where mental health and climate action also stood as my top priorities. My background in social justice and politics has taught me the importance of local government and youth voices. If elected councillor, I would fight tirelessly for your voice and focus on immediate youth issues such as the lack of mental health systems available during this unprecedented time and the systemic racism & police brutality evident in Toronto.

Anasofia Florez

WARD 13 | Toronto Centre

I’m Anasofia Florez (she/her), a grade 11 student at the University of Toronto Schools (UTS). I’m the president, co-founder, and creator of the UTS Gender Equity Committee, Culture Reform Team, Social Justice Coalition, respectively. I’ve implemented All-Gender Facilities, engaged the student body in Equity Activism, and coordinated workshops. Through this, we’ve explored many topics such as Gender-Based Violence, Privilege/Equity, and Restorative Justice. I work tirelessly to improve Sexual Assault Policy and Rape Culture, and have connected all justice-related groups at UTS to promote progressive initiatives and intersectional activism. I also work with Climate Justice Toronto, Green Teens Toronto, and Climate Strike Canada on social media, outreach, editing/writing, community care, and many more teams!

Youth can and do have the capacity to create change in their communities. Our voices are powerful. As a councillor, I would relentlessly advocate for your access to representation, mental health services, housing, and safe spaces. During these tumultuous times, it would be an honour to represent my community, especially LGBTQ+ BIPOC members, as your next Ward 13 Youth Councillor.

Ann Derham

WARD 14 | Toronto-Danforth

Hi guys! My name is Ann and I'm really excited to be running for The City Youth Council of Toronto! Living in a post Covid-19 society has definitely made huge impacts in Toronto: socially, economically and environmentally, such impacts resulting in and amplifying discrepancies in Toronto. Discrepancies including but not limited to the lack of institutional acknowledgement of youth concerns; the undersupply and service of Toronto shelters; or the absence of gratuitous yet productive mental health resources during this chaotic time. One mechanism that I would propose in order to remediate the lack of institutional acknowledgement of youth concerns for example would be to open up a digital community forum to serve as a platform for people to directly get involved and voice their concerns/feedback! It would be an indescribable honour if you were to trust me with repairing some of the most glaring issues facing Toronto’s youth.

Ananya Gaur

WARD 15 | Don Valley West

Throughout high school, I have always been extremely passionate about youth advocacy and politics. I believe that in this day and age when global, cultural, and community connections are crucial to everyday life, political awareness and sensitivity acquire even more importance.

As the youth councilor for Ward 15, I will communicate with and listen to the youth in our community. I will ensure that everyone's voice counts and everyone's opinions are taken into account.

I will use my past political experience, and passion for youth civic engagement to advocate for a better future for the youth of Ward 15.

Aimee Li

WARD 16 | Don Valley East

As the leaders of tomorrow, it is undeniable that our voices matter. The youth citizenry in Toronto plays such a vital role in maintaining the vibrancy of our community. My name is Aimee Li, I am a Grade 11 student attending Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute, and I want to help guide the way towards an improved city.

As a relatively new resident of Ward 16, I was quick to notice the astounding versatility of the community, and I became inspired by the neighborhood. However, despite many positive remarks, I believe that there's always room for improvement. Especially with the uncertainties surrounding our education as well as other issues effectuated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the time for us to find our voices is now.

In the past year, it has been a privilege to represent Ward 16 in the 2019-2020 Youth Council. I have also worked with MP Rob Oliphant to organize and volunteer for city-wide events. These experiences have allowed me familiarity with the environment, experience and connections.

I want you to rest assured that you are in good hands. I will use my voice to highlight important issues. I will listen to you.

Karen Guan

WARD 17 | Don Valley North

Born and raised in a small, suburban town in Canada, everyone either knew each other or heard of one another; we were a very small and tight-knit crowd. Being in that ‘uplifting’ support system, a place that constantly had one another’s back, it has cultivated me to become the life-long listener, learner, and mediator I am today. I had always been recognized by my peers and clients as caring, non-judgmental, and sympathetic, and I continue to embody these qualities when tackling social issues in society and interacting with vulnerable populations. As a socially-conscious, globally-minded individual, and an individual who is able to deliver every aspect of the detail, I aspire to change the world by using my radical social progress and efforts. Facilitation and community education is the forefront of the quality work that I do for community members and organizations for vulnerable populations and minority groups. It is how I positively identify myself being the “power to the people”. I have volunteered in the non-profit sector to relentlessly advocate against gender-based violence, oppression, systemic racism.

Erfan Nouraee

WARD 18 | Willowdale

A strong advocate for youth and innovation. Erfan is passionate about gender equality, human rights, public policy and particle physics. He serves as a student representative and member of Academic petitions and appeals faculty senate committee at York University. Erfan also serves as an active member at Liberal Party of Canada in both federal and provincial stages. He is strictly supporting student mental health, youth empowerment, and inclusion. Erfan as a youth city councillor is dedicated to continuing to promote science, innovation and technology while voicing youth matters across Toronto city. Erfan’s vision for Canada is as a hub for global innovation for future generations.

Vidya Pandiaraju

WARD 19 | Beaches-East York

Hi everyone! My name is Vidya, but you can call me V. I'm so honoured to be running for re-election. These past few months have been unprecedented due to the pandemic, and I hope that I'm not the first to say that I am so proud of us for weathering this storm together. We've missed proms, graduations + special trips while COVID-19 has undoubtedly taken a toll on our mental, physical / emotional health. Additionally, the recent light shed on the fundamentally unjust inequalities facing BIPOC in our world has given us a newfound sense of direction in our activism, that I wholeheartedly support. My platform for the 2020-2021 term would be foundational on:

  1. Increasing awareness on free mental health services so that you have that knowledge at your disposal should you ever need it;
  2. Improving transparency from your local schools on their ever-changing COVID-19 situation, with frequent updates on sanitation measures and accessibility adjustments;
  3. Supporting the Black Lives Matter movement by organizing and keeping the community updated on rallies and marches in their area, along with ways to help

Kowmitha Satkunarajan

WARD 20 | Scarborough Southwest

Hey everyone! My name is Kowmitha Satkunarajan. I was your City Youth Councillor in the previous 2019-2020 term and I am here to represent you and your voice in City Hall! We all have been impacted by the recent events taking place across the global community, and now more than ever we need to stand together to bring Toronto into a safer, healthier, and happier future. It is through community and collaboration that we bring forth new innovation, ideas, and new realities for each and every single individual.

I currently stand as a Youth Director on the West Scarborough Neighbourhood Community Centre Board of Directors, and I work as a volunteer on the Collective Action and Response for Everyone In Scarborough team (a partnership with GlobalMedic, University of Toronto Scarborough, and the City of Toronto. Previously I worked on the TDSB Students 4 Well-being and have worked with different groups like Greenpeace, and to host takeovers, clubs, and many more! My experience and knowledge will undoubtedly serve to unite the voices of all youth across the Scarborough Southwest.

Marwa Boutahar

WARD 21 | Scarborough Centre

Dear my fellow youth in ward 21, my name is Marwa and I am running to be a youth councillor for our ward. I am from Scarborough Centre and I care deeply for this vibrant community and would like to give back as much as possible to it, especially to its youth.

My main interests are in the area of diversity, equity, civic engagement. Growing up in Toronto has allowed me to experience and learn about many different cultures, languages and meet amazing people. If I am given the privilege of once again being a youth councillor this year, I will do my best to contribute to addressing the challenges our youth and citizens, in general, face in their daily lives; such as affordability and accessibility to sports, youth employment, racial injustice and many more. If elected, I promise to be a strong representative for your voice and I will work tirelessly to bring innovative solutions and suggest ideas to improve the lives of every individual in our communities.

Jessica Yu

WARD 22 | Scarborough-Agincourt

Hi everyone! I'm Jessica, a rising junior attending the University of Toronto Schools, and I'm excited to be running as your candidate for Ward 22. Just like you, I want what's best for Scarborough-Agincourt and our city as a whole. Throughout my time as the previous CYC councillor, I've opened my eyes to many issues such as discrimination and environmental neglect, and have experience working with former councillors to find solutions. This year, I will strive to continue to represent you and will continue to listen to your concerns, especially as new challenges such as hybrid schooling arises.

Sahana Gunaratnam

WARD 23 | Scarborough North


Laasya Boppana

WARD 24 | Scarborough-Guildwood

Hi, my name is Laasya. At age 11, I moved to the suburbs of Toronto for the education adventure. Since then, I have actively participated in learning about Canadian politics and the government. In grade 7, shortly after discovering my passion for making a change within my community, I started debating at the Toronto debate academy and joined my student council. I listened to my peers, who wanted to see more representation of their culture, race, and gender, especially in activities offered at schools and public centers. As a city, Toronto can achieve this by funding more diversified programs within community centers and providing the same facilities and opportunities for both genders (sports, activities, etc). Being the younger generation, we have the freedom to advocate for a more welcoming, safe, and diversified Toronto. In addition to debate and participation in my school’s council, I also volunteered at a senior home. This wonderful experience helped me associate with the elderly, while also noticing their concerns for meager incomes, pollution, and inefficient use of tax money. An experienced public speaker, I devote myself to tackling social, economical, and environmental issues by speaking at conferences held across the city.

Zain Khurram

WARD 25 | Scarborough-Rouge Park

Hello there Neighbour! My name is Zain Khurram. I’ve lived in Scarborough-Rouge Park all my life. I am proud to call this diverse community my home and as part of my identity. Although, as I grew older, I began to notice the hurtful stereotypes of communities within the ward, especially in Malvern and West Hill. It became my goal to fight against the stigma and advocate for underrepresented youth of Scarborough-Rouge Park.  

Through the Civics & Careers course, I discovered an interest in civic engagement and youth voice. I began advocating for issues such as transit improvement, housing infrastructure, and climate change. Since then, I have joined several youth advocacy councils such as the Toronto Youth Cabinet at city hall, and the Malvern Library Youth Advisory Group. I have also had the privilege to represent Scarborough in a TDSB panel hosted by director John Malloy. 

My commitment to you extends further than simply listening to your concerns. I understand the importance of a strong voice when it comes to shaping a community, and will actively make sure actions are done to address the issues at hand. Together, we can create meaningful, impactful, and lasting changes within Scarborough-Rouge Park and beyond!

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