Alara Karahan

Hi! I’m Alara, I’m 16 from the lovely Ward 8, and I’m a passionate advocate for youth and the power of their voice.

So often we hear about new laws and regulations taking place that directly affect the Canadian youth, yet no one ever asks us about our opinions on improving these initiatives.

We, young people, are the leaders of tomorrow; I want to engage young citizens in political discussions to ensure that we grow up to become informed citizens who can create positive changes in our communities.

I moved to Canada seven years ago from Turkey, a country where freedom of speech, gender equality, and democratic values were not priorities. I would have never imagined that I could apply to be a part of the Youth Council and have a platform that represents youth and the importance of their voice.

I’ve never felt more welcomed in a city yet also free to fight for what I believe in. I want every young person in Ward 8 to feel the same. Toronto’s our home and it’s given us so much; applying for this role is my way of thanking it back :)

Let’s be friends! My insta is @alarakarahan_. You can also find me at any bubble tea shop 24/7.

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